NO..its not about Hydrogen and Oxygen!

I was shackled myself when my son raised a question last evening ( Sunday evening:  the time that we get THAT awkward feeling) “what made of water?” a less than a second my wife replied from the far corner “it made out of Hydrogen and Oxygen darling!”   …ohh..that was stupid, yea, I know I was rude. How a Five year old suppose to know Oxygen and Hydrogen. The analogy reminds me sales experience when I’ve mentioned the word “telco” with a pro working in banking sector- next thing I heard was “what is telco means?”

When it comes to sales, the rule made myself: explain as you talking to an Eight year old….CONCISE & SIMPLE

Well, I still owe my son an answer, however this morning I’ve asked him to put across the same question to his class teacher; hope she has a better fluency in speaking with kids.