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As part of e-book series published by sales authors Aaron & Jason I happened to read the part 1- “Seeds”

Seeds are leads that are generated from word of mouth. Until I read this 20page PDF didn’t pay much emphasis on customer success management.

I’ve learnt quite few definition (and work practice) reading Predictable Revenue by Aaron. Managing the existing accounts seems to be easiest and fastest option to generate sales- renewals, upsells & referrals. However the seeds are not proactively predictable (that’s the bad part)

The e-book was great resource I’ve listed the extracts.

Customer success management is not free help or glorified support: It’s a revenue driver-just like sales.

Six key elements to drive customer success suggested by Aaron-

  1. Customer success is Core revenue driver

Most successful companies drive sales within their existing accounts – renewal/upsells/referral

  1. Customer success is SALES channel not cost centre: drive more sales by establishing proactive customer success strategies.
  2. Dedicated resource: allocate customer success managers for accounts.
  3. Visit customer sites:5+2 Rule- visit 5 customers a month and own 2 customer badges-that is visiting so often warrant you a badge.
  4. Assign financial goals & metrics for CSM
  5. Evolve goals & metrics as the company grows.

Core focus is to minimize customer churn and improve CLV- customer lifetime value.

You could get the free e-book

Hope you enjoyed it!