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I want to steal few useful lead nurturing tips from the regular blog read published by Vince Koehler at

Following is the excerpts of the article, and you can find it on

An impactful lead nurturing system is competitive advantage for the organization.




High-touch nurturing is required before closing the prospects file or before ticking into automated nurturing process.

Sales reps are often gave up with 3-5 unsuccessful attempts (honestly, I am part of this group errr). However in a complex sales environment it is required sustained, high-touch nurture paths. On average prospects respond or decide to respond for an email after 9-12 impression attempts.

The idea 9X times of touch bases may be too high, it feels like spamming. It is in deed. Very thoughtful and useful content would provide a value addition. The right frequency and number of touch points will be decided upon review of what products and services are intend to sell.

Two interaction modes:

  1. Value based interactions: Lead development reps, provide value through each interaction aligned with prospects buying cycle. By providing useful resources LDR’s touch points will become very useful for prospects evaluate options.
  2. Missed and partial impressions: most of the voice mail/emails are deleted. Unfortunately most of the touch bases fall into this mode.

Automated nurturing vs 1:1 personalized nurturing

Automated nurturing executed by email, its broadcasting common content to leads, ideal at early stage or unknown.

1:1 is more personalized content and it is means of converting sales ready leads. Time intensive but this would be a personalized treatment for the prospects. Providing more useful resources for them evaluate.

Key points-

  • Voicemails should not exceed 30-seconds.  This does not include the time to leave the call back number.
  • Emails should be quick hitting and offer a resource.
  • Physical mail is recommended on day four.  Mail is an unclogged channel and should be tested for effectiveness.
  • Live connects on the phone should quickly get to the point.  In the phone conversation offer to provide resources.  This may include white papers, evaluation tools, or explaining key concepts.
  • An executive summary of the product/service in layman’s terms is valuable.  This can save a prospect time when evaluating multiple competitive solutions.

The tool provided on the website is quite useful- Lead nurturing contact plan, please follow the above link to download a copy.

Thanks Vince



This is my usual journey back home after work.

Take 1 KM bus journey to Colombo Fort railway station. Take South bound train and crumbled for another 15-20 Min to home town station. Take another bus journey for 1KM. One important fact: Train is always late(Yes always, if i get a train on time, that train ought to come 15 min before than it had arrived!)

Now the story!

While i was on the train yesterday there was a voice of a lad, echoing his anguish of a deprived story. As he sneak thorough the packed compartment the voice became much louder and clearer. The vagrants usually show off their drug prescription or costume their wounds but this poor lad has quite a different approach.

For the first minute everyone (including me) didn’t bother until he went on telling his story- what happened to him, how much he was earning, accident he was faced and this is heart wrenching – he said of his 10 years old daughters and demise of his wife.

He said: Few years ago he was a fisherman somewhere in South coast earning upto 80K a month and one day he caught with an accident, felt from a trawler – he told the height in numbers. Doctors had to amputate his left leg. He was showing the braces that partly wrapped with a bandage. He was telling about his sisters and daughters. And still he is taking care of his mother too. Story was a grief and pain, everyone only could imagine, if his claim was true, I was thinking God is surely tested his patience.

The learning: I am posting this story because it stuck on my mind reeling a story of a personnel. I was reading Dale Carnegie’s books and repeatedly mentioned people loved to talk about people and if you reeling a story attaching a person you arousing the audience’s interest. This is true!

Don’t reel the features, reel a nice story about people!