I was listening to one of the sales podcast, downloaded from iTunes.

It is a discussion/ Q & A session between Two industry experts on sales- Anthony Iannarino ( )and Mike Weinberg ( ).

I must say at first, the intro video on Anthony’s site was quite stimulating, indeed it was his story to the right audience on what they’d get and how.

The podcast explains the importance of “Top of The Funnel” activities that could bring-in new businesses, as a means  it is crucial to have time blocks on some “hunting” tasks. Most of the time ( and most convenient off course) is to get clicked on established accounts to meet the quota, however not many are invested on hunters task.

Getting linked up to the heading: story telling is one of the core skill set in sales, must get it right because this will lead to lots of other stories! in other words the sales story you tell the prospect would like to hear!

What I’ve learned: strategically executed prospecting plan, with strong language in all communication, go on outbound mode (and nothing else) consistently, identify definite target group, send  “WIFM” resources/marketing docs, right ATTITUDE.